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IBIX Conservation

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IBIX Conservation, today more than ever, is heavily committed to the environmental sustainability of its machines and products, and consequently to the methods of execution at our worksites and their environments. The correct approach to restoration work today is synonymous with safeguarding our future.

Our services

IBIX Conservation provides Technological Solutions and manpower for architecture and construction in a “Turnkey” service perspective.

By means of IBIX Mobile lab, our technicians can carry out all the main analyses on stone materials directly on site. Firstly, pre-intervention diagnostics on the areas involved and then, based on the materials present to define the restoration processes, followed by monitoring of the entire conservation cycle.

Biocide treatment is used to restore areas and is an essential step in the conservation of buildings and architecture. Before cleaning the surfaces using micro-aeroabrasion, it is advisable to ensure that the presence of biological patina, moss, lichen or mould infestation are eliminated.

This action, in addition to improving the surface appearance, if used properly, is capable of restoring the surface to its original condition, even after a major disaster (fire, flood, etc.). IBIX Conservation takes advantage of the wide range of IBIX Technologies, maximising their performance and taking full advantage of all the proven qualities that this equipment offers.

NANOLAQ is a consolidating solution in the form of a suspension of calcium hydroxide nanoparticles dispersed in water, obtained according to an innovative and sustainable synthesis procedure. Completely Green, with no additives and no emission of toxic or environmentally polluting gases, dust or waste, thus respecting the health of operators.

The final stage of our process involves securing the areas by protecting them with Breathable Oleo-hydrophobic Impregnant agents, preventing dust and stains, air pollutants, mould and biological infestations from adhering again. This technique is easily applied on all types of substrate and the surface can be used as early as one hour after application. It also helps to reduce routine maintenance of the protected areas and consequently the related costs.