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Laser Solutions for Conservation and Restoration stone, wood and metal surface.

New generation active fiber system for cleaning of large surfaces

Laser cleaning is a technique that uses a laser beam, via a scanning head. This process serves to remove a surface layer of material and thus to create a cleaning of the product surface to an easily adjustable depth and without direct contact.
The laser is a 20W, 50W or 100W machine and the beam shape can be customized by the user: you can, for example, use a lissajous curve with a diameter up to 8 cm or a line with the same length according to your preferences and cleaning problem. Infinito Laser is particularly suitable for the cleaning of architectural surfaces, façades and large statues made of stones or metal.

cleaning of metal, wall, wood and paintings

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Active fiber laser doped with Ytterbium

Power 20W, 50W and 100W

Variable scan size up to 8 cm

Air-cooled, very quiet system

Precise cleaning also of delicate surfaces

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